Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This year's competition was held on the grounds of Island View Nursery, Carpinteria, CA

1,138 pounds, Terminator, and the winning entry!

Island View's Pumpkinmania Weigh-off & Contest Huge Success!

Thank-you, Thank-you to everyone who made the drive to Island View and attended this year's Pumpkinmania event! Because of Pumpkinmania, our annual Fall Festival soared to new heights with interesting, beautiful and LARGE pumpkins on display. We were extremely impressed with all the pumpkins and were simple blown away by the winner (1138 lb. is a BIG pumpkin!!!) Though my own pumpkin weighed only 13 lbs, I was proud to be apart of the greater pumpkin growing community. To all of our out of town visitors, come back and visit us at the nursery sometime, and to all our local attendees, drop by soon! I would like to send special thanks to the following people for making the day so special.....

Mark Imhoof, mastermind of giant pumpkin weighing and Pumpkmania extraordinaire, Philip Concan of Roadkyll Graphics, designer of incrediable Pumpkinmania t-shirts and bags, Lisa Cullen and Leanna of Montecito Landscape for their magical, good witch judging skills, Jan Wilson, fiddler pro, Samantha Dowdall-Green's for baking delicious Halloween treats, Kellog's Garden Products for being a very generous sponsor, Rick Sacks for being a fantastic Pumpkinmania coach and of course Stuart Shim....creator of Pumpkmania and the BEST Pumpkinmania and pumpkin growing coach in the world. It was a wonderful day, and a great way to celebrate gardening all year.

And now for a re-cap of the winners.....

This years winners for heaviest pumpkin (Giantest!) were:

1. John Sach from Whittier, California, at 1,138 lbs! 'Terminator'

2. Glen Bassett from Simi Valley, California at 534 lbs. 'Charlie'

3. Manny Vasta from Carpinteria, California at 337lbs. 'Manny'

Most Beautiful: Clay Heinlich 'Clay's Great Pumpkin' (108.5 lbs.)

Best Color: Max Gilmore 'Linus' (255 lbs.)

Most unusual: Phil Concan 'Witchy Poo' (327 lb.)

Heaviest Local: Duke Mcpherson 'Orange Supreme' (231 lbs.)

Kid's Division/Most Unique: Ashley Sacks (32 lbs.)

Pumpkinmania local fan award: Walter Van Wingerden with 'Orange One' and 'Bella.'

Thanks again!

Katie Sorensen and everyone at Island View.