Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chris Dunn's 2014 Season

An update from Chris Dunn...

Hey Stuart! Just a little Pumpkimania update. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 2009 Wallace last year. Here she is at 13 days in the patch. I started everything two weeks later this year in hopes of getting in on that late season warm weather we get! I'm rolling the dice and hoping for a strong Indian summer late into September. I have a couple other plants going but nothing picture worthy yet:)

Hope your plants are doing well and the family is good!

Chat soon,


Good morning, Stuart! 

Here's a shot of the 2009 this morning. It's had a few issues but all in all is coming around nicely. Even though I waited a couple weeks later to plant, I'm still right about where I was last year on the same date. Funny how these things do that:). Looks like I'll be in position to pollinate my first one in 5 or 6 days with the next female flower being a few days behind that.

Hope yours are doing well and chat soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blue Hills Nursery 2014

An update from Blue Hills Nursery!

"Hi Stuart,

I just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful seminar. Everyone really enjoyed it. Also here's an update on my pumpkin it's growing quickly! All the customers really enjoy watching it grow as well."

I received this message and images from Jen Van Diest at Blue Hills Nursery. What makes their effort particularly interesting is that Jen's growing their pumpkin at their nursery and in a large container!

So far, so good!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

Jen from Blue Hills Nursery in Whittier e-mailed me yesterday and included the pictures that you see above.

"Here's she is. She's growing by the day. I've named her "Maggie Mae". We have a bit of mildew we are treating. She seems to be growing well. Soon I'll break out the umbrella and give her shade from the afternoon heat."

Looking very good!

Friday, June 06, 2014

At an Undisclosed Location, on the Planet Earth...

 Mike, The Mystery Gardener

At an Undisclosed Location, on the Planet Earth...

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

I am happy to announce that my giant pumpkin seedlings are in the ground. Because of space limitations, I'll be growing this year in a new location, a location that has never been used for giant pumpkins ever before. My growing partner, Mike M., "The Mystery Gardener" has graciously agreed to be part of this season's adventure, providing an outstanding growing area, with plenty of sunshine, a sturdy back, and a very positive outlook!

The seedlings were transplanted yesterday, early evening, about 5:30 p.m., and everything went well.

The hot weather will be a challenge, but we wanted the seedlings in the ground for tonight's full moon!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

The seedlings that were transplanted May 13th, have been growing nicely. It's been a month since these weeds were germinated. There have been no unprovoked insect or animal attacks yet, and they even managed to survive the record-setting heat of late May. Other than some rather light green leaves, I have no issues.