Thursday, November 30, 2006

Premium Giant Pumpkin Seeds: Update from Windsor!
Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!
After a few week hiatus, I am back, and, like you, wondering when the "Premium Seeds" are going to be available from Howard Dill. So, a few minutes ago, since it is almost December, I checked out Howard's website, .
Unfortunately, there isn't any progress to report at this time. That said, you will need a order form when Howard and Danny post the 2007 premium seed offerings:, so now you are ready. You'll need to act quickly since the very best seeds get snapped up very quickly.
I also had a chance to see the program on that Linda Maxwell of Time Warner Cable created for this year's weigh-off. It's great. I think Linda and her cameraperson really captured the fun, flavor, and excitement of this year's event. If you have a chance to see it, by all means, do. It runs about 5-7 minutes, and has all the highlights of October 22nd.
Have a great afternoon!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pumpkinmania 2006 On the Small Screen!

Good morning, Growers!

I received this schedule from Linda Maxwell of Time Warner Cable this morning:

"Hi Stuart,

The Giant Pumpkin Contest segment is currently on the air in Santa Ana on Channel 3, 3 times daily @ 1pm, 5pm & 9pm. It's the last segment-after the Zoofari murder mystery segment.

The segment I did for Video on Demand has also been approved. It will be available for all Southern California Time Warner Cable customers on channel 1 starting Monday I believe, under local, then in the community, then local news & events, and then Giant Pumpkin Contest.

Any customer will be able to watch it any time they like as many times as they like.


I've let Linda know that next year's Pumpkinmania will be held at the Centennial Heritage Museum, on October 21, 2007, and I've invited her to enter and attend.

Have a great morning! If you happen to see Linda's segments, either on Channel 3 or Video on Demand, please let me know what you think!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tasks to Consider Over the Next Few Months

Good afternoon, Growers!

Now that things have quieted down around the pumpkin patch, I wanted to throw out some ideas that might help you with your 2007 growing season.

  • Consider building up your soil quality by planting a green manure. Alfalfa, soybeans, and clover can be used to improve nitrogen content and will provide organic matter when turned under in the early spring.
  • Review any notes or jottings about this year's pumpkin growing activities. If you don't have any written records, make a commitment to keep notes in 2007. You'll be grateful in 2008!
  • January-February is a great time to spread massive quantities of animal manure(s) (steer, cow, horse, donkey) to your growing area. By mid-May to late-May, it will have broken down and incorporated itself into your soil without you having to dig it in. Let the winter rains and natural decomposition to the hard work for you.
  • Get a soil test for your garden. I tested my soil this year and I am very glad I did. I learned that a treatment of gypsum would benefit my patch, and it seemed to work well.
  • In early December, go to Howard Dill's website to see what thoroughbred "Premium Seeds" you may want to try in 2007. Some of the seeds Howard sells are in great demand, and have lineages that would rival the Hapsburgs, so the sooner you mail your order, the better. Go to for more information.

Have a great afternoon!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Miss McKenna Mars Cleans Up in Two Categories!
Michelle Lofthouse and 'Dimple'

A Few More Images of Pumpkinmania 2006 and Early Information on Pumpkinmania 2007!

Good morning, Growers!

I received these images from judge and sponsor, Kenji Otsuka of HB-101.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 21, 2007. That's when next year's Pumpkinmania will happen. It will be held at the Centennial Heritage Museum again.



Monday, November 06, 2006

A Word from One of Our Sponsors
Good afternoon, Growers!
Just when you thought all of the fun was over, I received this message and photos from Ann Molloy at Neptune's Harvest.

"I've been growing giant pumpkins for the last ten years and have always used Neptune's Harvest products with great results. This year, I tried growing long gourds for the first time and thought that what is great for growing pumpkins would be great for growing long gourds too. I sprayed the leaves with seaweed and drenched the soil with fish and seaweed on a weekly basis. The leaves always had a nice green, healthy shine the day after a feeding. As you can see, the plants grew vigorous and the long gourds were growing 5 - 6" a day! My longest long gourd grew to 126.5" - a new WORLD RECORD!! I strongly recommend you use these all natural products in your fertilizing program! Joe Jutras, Scituate, RI"
I have had the pleasure of growing some giant pumpkin seeds from Joe, and I can attest that he knows what he's doing...