Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cover Crops: Improving Your Soil
Good morning, Growers!
I thought I'd pass this idea along, in case you're wondering if there's anything that you could be doing now for next spring.
Every year about this time, I make a mental note to myself to grow a cover crop in my patch to improve the soil quality by increasing the amount of nitrogen available to my vine in the spring. Plus, the amount of soil amendments I've added the last few seasons has raised the soil level to a degree that the neighbors are beginning to get concerned about their privacy. Last year, I grew some soybeans and the results were reasonable. This season, I am going to try Medium Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) since it will grow well even when planted in December in Southern California. I just ordered some seeds from Seeds of Change, www.seedsofchange.com, since they are organic and there's a 5% discount if ordered online. It looks like with application rates of 4 to 8 ounces per 1,000 square feet of planting area, 1 lb., at $5.50 will be plenty for most growers, with plenty to spare.
I'll be in touch with more ideas as they become available.



Saturday, December 16, 2006

HB-101 to Increase Sponsorship of Pumpkinmania!

Good evening Growers!

I have some great news! HB-101, www.hb-101.com will be expanding its sponsorship of Pumpkinmania in 2007! We're working on a co-marketing plan that will hopefully raise the awareness of giant pumpkin growing among many new potential growers!

As you know, HB-101 saved my vine in 2005, and has been a part of Pumpkinmania and my giant pumpkin growing workshops ever since. I am very happy to deepen the relationship I have with HB-101 and the great folks at Y K Flora.

I hope you're having a great week-end!



Friday, December 08, 2006

2007 Premium Seeds Available!
Good afternoon, Growers!
It's that time of year again! Howard Dill's Premium Seeds are available! I took a quick look, and this year's inventory looks great. I have already put my order in the mail, just so there aren't any disappointments... Premium seeds with identifiable pedigrees go quickly. There's even a 3 seed combination from pumpkins grown in 2005 that have already proven to grow 1,000 pounders. Having the right seed is critical. Just in case, here's the website: www.howarddill.com
Good luck, and let the season begin!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Premium Giant Pumpkin Seeds: Update from Windsor!
Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!
After a few week hiatus, I am back, and, like you, wondering when the "Premium Seeds" are going to be available from Howard Dill. So, a few minutes ago, since it is almost December, I checked out Howard's website, www.howarddill.com .
Unfortunately, there isn't any progress to report at this time. That said, you will need a order form when Howard and Danny post the 2007 premium seed offerings: www.howarddill.com/hdorder.html, so now you are ready. You'll need to act quickly since the very best seeds get snapped up very quickly.
I also had a chance to see the program on that Linda Maxwell of Time Warner Cable created for this year's weigh-off. It's great. I think Linda and her cameraperson really captured the fun, flavor, and excitement of this year's event. If you have a chance to see it, by all means, do. It runs about 5-7 minutes, and has all the highlights of October 22nd.
Have a great afternoon!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pumpkinmania 2006 On the Small Screen!

Good morning, Growers!

I received this schedule from Linda Maxwell of Time Warner Cable this morning:

"Hi Stuart,

The Giant Pumpkin Contest segment is currently on the air in Santa Ana on Channel 3, 3 times daily @ 1pm, 5pm & 9pm. It's the last segment-after the Zoofari murder mystery segment.

The segment I did for Video on Demand has also been approved. It will be available for all Southern California Time Warner Cable customers on channel 1 starting Monday I believe, under local, then in the community, then local news & events, and then Giant Pumpkin Contest.

Any customer will be able to watch it any time they like as many times as they like.


I've let Linda know that next year's Pumpkinmania will be held at the Centennial Heritage Museum, on October 21, 2007, and I've invited her to enter and attend.

Have a great morning! If you happen to see Linda's segments, either on Channel 3 or Video on Demand, please let me know what you think!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tasks to Consider Over the Next Few Months

Good afternoon, Growers!

Now that things have quieted down around the pumpkin patch, I wanted to throw out some ideas that might help you with your 2007 growing season.

  • Consider building up your soil quality by planting a green manure. Alfalfa, soybeans, and clover can be used to improve nitrogen content and will provide organic matter when turned under in the early spring.
  • Review any notes or jottings about this year's pumpkin growing activities. If you don't have any written records, make a commitment to keep notes in 2007. You'll be grateful in 2008!
  • January-February is a great time to spread massive quantities of animal manure(s) (steer, cow, horse, donkey) to your growing area. By mid-May to late-May, it will have broken down and incorporated itself into your soil without you having to dig it in. Let the winter rains and natural decomposition to the hard work for you.
  • Get a soil test for your garden. I tested my soil this year and I am very glad I did. I learned that a treatment of gypsum would benefit my patch, and it seemed to work well.
  • In early December, go to Howard Dill's website to see what thoroughbred "Premium Seeds" you may want to try in 2007. Some of the seeds Howard sells are in great demand, and have lineages that would rival the Hapsburgs, so the sooner you mail your order, the better. Go to www.howarddill.com for more information.

Have a great afternoon!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Miss McKenna Mars Cleans Up in Two Categories!
Michelle Lofthouse and 'Dimple'

A Few More Images of Pumpkinmania 2006 and Early Information on Pumpkinmania 2007!

Good morning, Growers!

I received these images from judge and sponsor, Kenji Otsuka of HB-101.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 21, 2007. That's when next year's Pumpkinmania will happen. It will be held at the Centennial Heritage Museum again.



Monday, November 06, 2006

A Word from One of Our Sponsors
Good afternoon, Growers!
Just when you thought all of the fun was over, I received this message and photos from Ann Molloy at Neptune's Harvest.

"I've been growing giant pumpkins for the last ten years and have always used Neptune's Harvest products with great results. This year, I tried growing long gourds for the first time and thought that what is great for growing pumpkins would be great for growing long gourds too. I sprayed the leaves with seaweed and drenched the soil with fish and seaweed on a weekly basis. The leaves always had a nice green, healthy shine the day after a feeding. As you can see, the plants grew vigorous and the long gourds were growing 5 - 6" a day! My longest long gourd grew to 126.5" - a new WORLD RECORD!! I strongly recommend you use these all natural products in your fertilizing program! Joe Jutras, Scituate, RI"
I have had the pleasure of growing some giant pumpkin seeds from Joe, and I can attest that he knows what he's doing...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Good morning, Growers!

I have some great news.

There are still some Pumpkinmania T-shirts available from Phil Concan at Roadkyll Apparel Graphics, judge, one of the original sponsors of Pumpkinmania, and a fellow UCCE Master Gardener.

Phil's telephone number is (714) 560-0005, and his business is located off the 55 freeway, Edinger exit, at 1628 East Edinger Avenue, Santa Ana. I suggest calling first to find out size, color, and availability, and to make any delivery/pick-up arrangements. The price will be the same as if you attended Pumpkinmania, a mere $10.00, for a 100% heavy-duty cotton garment, sure to give many years of wearing pleasure. If you owned or seen previous Pumpkinmania T-shirts, you know how comfortable and good-looking they are. You WILL be the envy of your neighbors, family, and friends.

With the holidays coming up, I can't think of a more original, rare, and unique gift than a Pumpkinmania T-shirt! Unsold Pumpkinmania T-shirts don't last long. So, the sooner you call Phil and order your T-shirt(s), the better!

Mahalo nui loa!



Friday, October 27, 2006

Carla on Display at Laguna Hills Nursery

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

I am pleased to announce that my 2006 entry, 'Carla' which weighed 406 pounds last Sunday, will be on display at Laguna Hills Nursery, 25290 Jeronimo Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630, telephone (949) 830-5653, indefinitely, during normal store hours, (Monday-Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Sunday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., www.lagunahillsnursery.com) I think you'll be fine if you visit Laguna Hills Nursery before Thanksgiving. After that, we'll be harvesting the seeds from Carla for some of the giant pumpkin seedlings that will be given away at next spring's giant pumpkin workshops.

Have a great week-end!


P.S. Yes, that's Gary Matsuoka in the photo above!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Gardner & Bloome division
of Kellogg Garden Products
Will Participate
in Pumpkinmania in 2007!
Good afternoon, Growers!
I had a very positive phone conversation with Ty Hall of Kellogg Garden Products this morning, and I am very pleased to announce that Kellogg Garden Products, Gardner & Bloome soil amendments will be participating again in 2007! As you may have noticed, we were all very pleasantly surprised when Ty revealed that the prize money for this year's weigh-off had been increased to, $1,000 for first, $500 for second, and $300 for third!
We'll be having more participation from garden and nursery centers in Los Angeles and Orange County this upcoming season, so look for more growers in 2007 than ever before. Plus, after seeing how much fun McKenna Mars had this year, we're going to add a Young Growers Division too.
Thank you very much, Ty! Please convey my thanks and appreciation to the entire Kellogg Garden Products family.

Hilda Kassel, E. 53rd Street, New York City, July 12, 1950, Library of Congress, LC-G613-57609

Time Warner Cable Television Pumpkinmania Coverage!

Good morning, Growers!

I just received the following update from Linda, the reporter from Time Warner Cable who spent a couple of hours with us on Sunday:

"Hi Stuart,

I am working on the Giant Pumpkin Contest segment today & tomorrow.
It is for the Santa Ana Sports & Activities Scene show that airs in Santa Ana 3 times daily. Channel 3 @ 1pm, 5pm & 9pm for a month or so.
Hope to have it on air next week.
I am also going to offer a cut to our news department for their consideration for video on demand.
I'll let you know as soon as I know.

So, perhaps, next week the segment on Pumpkinmania may air! Since I don't have access to Channel 3, (it broadcasts in Santa Ana) if you happen to see it, would you please tape it for me? Thanks! It looks like that if it does get some broadcast time that there will a few opportunities to record it. If it gets on video on demand, I'll download from there.

Have a great morning!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saving Your Seeds

Good morning, Growers!
Now that the weigh-off is finished, and you may be using your pumpkin soon, you're probably wondering the best way to save your pumpkin seeds.
Here's how:
1) Scrape the seeds from inside your pumpkin and rinse them in water to remove any residual fruit matter, and drain them thoroughly.
2) Spread seeds in a single layer, on a non-sticking surface like a glass or ceramic plate, cookie sheet, wood board, or window screen, and let them dry in a cool or shaded, dry environment (65-80 degrees, F.). Above 95 degrees F., drying seeds can become stressed.
3) Place seeds in a paper envelope or paper bag, and store them in a cool, dry environment, away from rodents or small animals.
4) Pumpkin seeds can remain viable for 6 or more years when properly stored.
5) Please share your seeds with your family, friends, and neighbors. Let them know that they should be planted in large mounds of well-amended, fertile soil, mid-May to early June and watered regularly for best results in Southern California.
Have a great morning!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Chuck Pettit, Crainco Crane Services, Gradall Operator Extraordinaire!

Brian Smith and Chuck Pettit of Crainco with McKenna Mars' Fifth Place Finisher, 'Fat Mac', 285 pounds!
Brian Smith with John Gerdes', Third Place finisher, 'Water', 523.5 pounds!

At noon, the crowd waited in great expectation.

Michelle Lofthouse's Second Place, 'Dimple', 635 pounds!

Mark Imhoof, Fourth Place, 'Fasta', 416 pounds!

Stuart Shim, Institutional & Masters Divivision, 'Carla', 406 pounds.

Ron Sallinger, Winner of Best Color!

Glenn Bassett, First Place, 'Big Man', 826 pounds and a new Pumpkinmania record!

The 2006 Pumpkinmania Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest Results!

Good afternoon, Growers!

Yesterday, a foggy morning greeted the giant pumpkin faithful for the 2006 Pumpkinmania Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off and Contest. With congratulations and encouragement in the form of a letter from The Governor of California, the Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger in hand, the sponsors, staff, and management waited in the mist for this year’s entries to arrive at the Centennial Heritage Museum. After an initial rush of entries between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., a slight lull set in, and we wondered if the unusually hot weather of July had taken its toll upon the Southern California giant pumpkin growing community like it had upon so many other growers.

Fortunately, any anxiety was quickly eliminated when a parade of giants began to fill the colorful sponsor banner-laden staging area just in front of the blacksmith shop. The exclamations of disbelief and delight were deafening. The deafening sounds of gunfire, however, were the Western reenactment group “Satin and Spurs”. Attendees were also entertained and educated by gourd crafts, a gourd witch, food booths, face-painting, The Balloon Diva, The Victorian Tea Society, the Scout pumpkin sale, and the University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners table.

By 11:30 a.m., nineteen, yes nineteen valiant and courageous competitors’ entries were arranged, ready for the Final Weigh-Off. Before the Final Weigh-Off, the winners of Best Color, Funniest Shape, Ugliest, Youngest Grower, and Most Experienced Grower were announced after the judges, Ty Hall of Kellogg Garden Products, Brian Smith of Crainco Crane Company, Phil Concan of Roadkyll Graphics and Screenprinting, and Kenji Otsuka of HB-101 Organic Plant Growth Enhancer, completed their thoughtful and extremely fair deliberations.

The categories, winners and their prizes were:

Best Color: Ron Sallinger, $50 Gift Certificate from Laguna Hills Nursery in Lake Forest, and a hand-crafted gourd trophy

Funniest Shape: Robert Paukstis, $50 Gift Certificate from Laguna Hills Nursery in Lake Forest, and a hand-crafted gourd trophy

Ugliest: Glen Bassett, $50 Gift Certificate from Orange County Farm Supply in Orange, and a hand-crafted gourd trophy made by Phil Concan

Youngest Grower: McKenna Mars, $25 Gift Certificate from Cedros Gardens in Solana Beach

Most Experienced
Grower: Bill Magruder, $25 Gift Certificate from Cedros Gardens in Solana Beach

These winners also received 18 ounce bottles of Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Blend fertilizer.

All growers received a special limited edition Gardner & Bloome pin and samples of HB-101 and Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Blend fertilizer.

The Final Weigh-Off began at 12:00 noon, and the 250 spectators that had gathered were amused and amazed by the new giant pumpkin sling moving and weighing technology.

Unfortunately, there was an “equipment malfunction” and for the first time in Pumpkinmania’s six-year history, we lost one. The entry, ‘Charlie’ was finally weighed at 71 pounds. ‘Charlie’ was grown by Judy Hales, of Huntington Beach. The sponsors, staff and management of Pumpkinmania apologize for your loss, Judy, and we hope you will participate again. This usually doesn’t happen. Really, it doesn’t. Plus, it didn’t help when this history-making incident was captured by the local Time Warner Cable television crew.

Because of the efficient and now experienced weighing technology, weighing the remaining eighteen entries was finished in less than 45 minutes. There was a tense moment near the end of the Final Weigh-Off when Eva Bassett’s entry ‘Little Man’ at 639 pounds, began to leak profusely when lifted. This indicated a fissure going deep into the pumpkin’s cavity, and ‘Little Man’ was disqualified. The shock and disbelief on Eva’s face was palpable. Then again, the rules are the rules.

I’m proud, and extremely pleased to announce the winners of the 2006 Pumpkinmania Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest!

First Place: Glenn Basset of Simi Valley, 826 pounds, ‘Big Man’, $1,000 from Kellogg Garden Products/Gardner & Bloome, and a hand-crafted gourd trophy

Second Place: Michelle Lofthouse of Monrovia, 635 pounds, ‘Dimple’, $500 from Kellogg Garden Products/Gardner & Bloome, and a hand-crafted gourd trophy

Third Place: John Gerdes of Midway City, 523.5 pounds, ‘Water’, $300 from Kellogg Garden Products/Gardner & Bloome, and a hand-crafted gourd trophy

Fourth Place: Mark Imhoof of Irvine, 417.5 pounds, ‘Fasta’, $50 Gift Certificate from Batavia Garden Nursery in Orange

Fifth Place: McKenna Mars of Anaheim Hills, 285 pounds, ‘Fat Mac’, $50 Gift Certificate from Batavia Garden Nursery in Orange

The top five finishers also received 100 cc bottles of HB-101 and 18 ounce bottles of Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Blend fertilizer.

Masters and Institutional Division

First Place: Stuart Shim of Huntington Beach, 406 pounds, ‘Carla’, for The Honor and The Glory

I would like to thank the following individuals, sponsors and staff for their critical participation and help. Without them, there wouldn’t be a Pumpkinmania:

Ty Hall, Kellogg Garden Products
Brian Smith, Crainco Crane Services
Chuck Pettit, Crainco Crane Services
Phil Concan, Roadkyll Graphics and Screenprinting
Gary Matsuoka, Laguna Hills Nursery
Ann Molloy, Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizers
Nobo Azuma, YK Flora/HB-101
Kenji Otsuka, YK Flora/HB-101
Ron Hamada, Batavia Garden Nursery
Chris Roy, Orange County Farm Supply
Joanne Fried, U-Haul International
Danny Dill, Howard Dill Enterprises
Casey T. Shim, Seitz & Shim, LLP Attorneys-at-Law
Mia McCarville, Cedros Gardens
Sharon and Bruce Asakawa, Garden Compass Media
Sam Ingardia, Ingardia Wholesale Produce
Greg Thiel, Hydrofarm
Milo Shammas, Dr. Earth
Ron Sallinger
Tom Sallinger
Mark Imhoof
Charles Arnold
Janis Parkinson
Lauren Shim
Christie Gould for Brian Gould this year

In addition, I’d like to thank the management of the Centennial Heritage Museum for their flexibility and patience with Pumpkinmania, particularly Ralph Whitford and Jane Murray.

Finally, I would like to give my very sincere thanks to The Governor of California, the Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger for a very funny and encouraging letter. (Your T-shirt’s on the way.)

See you all next year!


A Letter from The Governor

I received the following letter in last Friday's mail. It's dated October 22, 2006, and I wanted to let you know what it said:

The Pumpkinmania Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest

" I am thrilled to send my greetings to all those participating in this year's pumpkin weigh-off.

This contest is a great way to welcome the autumn season and to spotlight how California's natural resources can produce hefty results. By involving the community in our amazing agriculture, the city of Santa Ana demonstrates that green thumbs can belong to people of all ages and backgrounds.

After six months, these growers have the chance to show off their gigantic bounty by vying for the top prize, and I 'm sorely disappointed I couldn't be there to assist the lifting crews. No matter what the size, you should all be proud of your pumpkins and of your community for celebrating one of my favorite times of the year: harvest season.

Please accept my best wishes for a great contest and I would love to hear how big the pie is going to be from the winning pumpkin!


Arnold Schwarzenegger

State Capitol

Sacramento, California 95814"

It was very gracious of the Governor to remember us!

More on the final results of yesterday's event later today!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Don't forget, pumpkins will be available for sale!

Good morning, Growers!

Through the kind and generous participation of Sam Ingardia, of Ingardia Wholsesale Produce in Costa Mesa, pumpkins will be for sale tomorrow! Proceeds will go to benefit the Centennial Heritage Museum, so it's for a great cause too!

Plus, there will be cowboy shoot-outs at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., food and craft booths, T-shirt sales, and a special message from Governor Schwarzenegger! I'll see you tomorrow!


Friday, October 20, 2006

"It's just two days until Pumpkinmania?"

Good morning, Growers!

The big day is almost here! I thought the prizes, categories and schedule for this year's event would be of interest to you:

2006 Pumpkinmania 2006 Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest

Categories & Prizes

Best Color-$50* Laguna Hills Nursery, trophy

Funniest Shape $50* Laguna Hills Nursery, trophy

Ugliest Pumpkin $50* Orange County Farm Supply, trophy

Youngest Grower-$25* Cedros Gardens

Most Experienced Grower-$25* Cedros Gardens
Biggest/Heaviest Pumpkin

First Place $1,000, from Gardner & Bloome, trophy

Second Place $300, from Gardner & Bloome , trophy

Third $200 Place, from Gardner & Bloome, trophy

Fourth/Fifth Places, $50*, from Batavia Garden Nursery

*Gift certificates

All winners will receive 1, 18 ounce bottle of Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Blend Organic Fertilizer, worth $10.00 retail. The top 5 finishers in the Biggest/Heaviest Pumpkin category will also receive a 100 cc bottle of HB-101 Organic Plant Growth Enhancer, worth $25.00 retail.

Pumpkinmania! 2006 Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest



8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.-Entry Registration

11:30 a.m.-Other Prizes Judging

12:00 p.m.-Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off Finals, Judging and Awards

Time Warner cable television will be covering this year's event, so be pleasant ;-) and answer their questions!

Many thanks to our sponsors!

· Gardner & Bloome
· Tip Top Bio-Control
· Neptune’s Harvest
· Batavia Garden
· Armstrong Garden Centers
· Orange County Farm Supply
· Laguna Hills Nursery
· Garden Compass Media
· HydroFarm
· Cedros Gardens
· HB-101, Organic Plant Growth Enhancer
· Crainco Inc., Crane Services
· Roadkyll Graphics & Screenprinting
· U-Haul International
· Dill’s ‘Atlantic Giant’ Pumpkin Seeds
· Seitz & Shim, LLP
· Dr. Earth

Pumpkinmania! 2006 Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest

Rules & Regulations

1. This is an open competition to all growers in any part of the world.

2. The pumpkin must be grown by the grower and in the country where the grower resides.

3. A grower may enter only one pumpkin, and no family may enter more than two entries.

4. Entries will be received between 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. on the day of competition.

5. Entries must be sound, healthy, and undamaged. This means free of rot, holes or cracks through to the cavity, chemical residue, soil, and soft spots.

6. No foreign material is to be included in the weighing. Vine must be trimmed within 1.0” from the stem of the fruit. Judges reserve the right to fully inspect each pumpkin before the weight is announced and official. Refusal to allow inspection of a pumpkin will result in its disqualification.

7. Any pumpkin previously entered in or weighed at any other competition prior to the contest will be deemed ineligible.

8. In the event of a tie, prize(s) will be combined and split equally among entrants.

9. Decision of the judges will be final in all cases.

10. Contest sponsors and staff shall not be liable for compensation for loss or damage to any pumpkins, contestants, their families and friends, or personal property. All entrants completely and totally indemnify the sponsors and organizers of the weigh-off and contest.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Could this be the winner?
Good afternoon, Growers!
I'm just back from seeing John Gerdes' entry for this year's Pumpkinmania! Brian Smith, Gino, and Brian Smith, of Crainco crane services were on hand to literally do the heavy lifting. They were so quick, that as I was driving up, the pumpkin was already loaded into John's truck. The president of the Midway City Chamber of Commerce was on hand to be part of history, as were John's neighbors.
The pumpkin looked very good...
Have a great afternoon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest

Sunday, October 22, 2006, Final Weigh-off, High Noon!

Entry registrations 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Centennial Heritage Museum3101 West Harvard Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704(Corner of Fairview and Harvard)
Cash prizes, hand-made gourd trophies and gift certificates from sponsors Laguna Hills Nursery, Batavia Gardens, Cedros Gardens and Orange County Farm Supply, will be awarded for Heaviest Pumpkin, Best Color, Funniest Shape, Ugliest, and more!First place prize of $1,000.00, for the Heaviest Pumpkin Category, second place prize, $300.00, third place prize, $200.00 courtesy of
Gardner & Bloome
Premium Garden Soils

Our other sponsors and supporters are: Crainco Crane Services, U-Haul International, Garden Compass Media, Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers, HB-101 Organic Growth Enhancer, Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizers, Roadkyll Graphics and Screenprinting, Howard Dill's 'Atlantic Giant' giant pumpkin seeds, Tip Top Bio-Control, Ingardia Brothers Wholesale Produce, Hydrofarm Heated Seedling Mats, and Seitz & Shim, LLC, Attorneys at law.
For additional information, please contact:Stuart Shim at (949) 683-5932, or e-mail: sbs33@cornell.edu
Free to enter, free to attend!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A New World Record: 1,502 Pounds!

Good morning, Growers!

Yes, it's true! Ron Wallace, of Rhode Island grew a 1,502 pound pumpkin and set a new world record. Here's a picture of Ron celebrating on Saturday, October 7th, from www.bigpumpkins.com.

Who knows how long this record will stand with October 22nd, just around the corner?

Have a great morning!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Chris Roy, Robert Paukstis, and Astoria
Hello, Pumpkinistas!
This just in from Robert Paukstis! Nice looking pumpkin! Thank you very much for sending in your picture!

Here is a picture of Chris Roy at my house with our pumpkin Astoria from October 4, 2006, so far so good!

Robert and Shannon Paukstis"

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Photo Essay of the Elk Grove Weigh-off
Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!
I've often wondered what other weigh-offs are like. So, starting our drive Friday afternoon, October 6th, Lauren and I visited the 12th Annual Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off and Vegetable Contest. It was held as part of the Elk Grove Fall Festival in Elk Grove Park. The weather was a little crisp when we arrived early Saturday morning to see the entries unloaded from 7:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.. Since Elk Grove is the only GPC-sanctioned (Giant Pumpkin Conference) event in California, it draws growers from all parts of California who want official GPC recognition of their efforts. In addition to the pumpkins, there were competitions for tomatoes, cantaloupe, long gourds, sunflowers, and watermelons. But, the main event was the giant pumpkin weigh-off. A new California state record was set yesterday afternoon of 1,280 pounds, by Gary Miller of Napa. It was great fun and pretty exciting to witness, and I learned a lot!
I hope you enjoy the photos!
Have a great afternoon,