Monday, September 16, 2013

Stuart, here are a few photos of some large specimens in San Diego county. This is Vince's patch, totally out of control! Yes, that is his driveway that is now a pumpkin patch. You can see a large fruit in there!

 This is his pumpkin, somewhere in the 900 lb range according to Vince. Grown off of the 980 Fredricks seed.

 This photo is back home at the patch of Jim and Joshua. Rumor has it that the fruit is not as big as last year, but still a beautiful fruit with possibilities of being in the hunt at pumpkinmania. Rumor also has it that there are a few others in southern California with some bigguns out there. Let's hope they all stay healthy until October 27th.

PS. Joshua wants to know where his friend the Dark Prince has hidden?
Pete in Upstate New York!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

Here's a great update from Pete Y., a veteran giant pumpkin grower:

"Hi Stuart;
I have a giant!!!!
I can't even begin to estimate weight, but it is probably 3 feet across.
What do you think?
Thanks for the seeds. So when I harvest this, how should I preserve the seeds?
Robert of Orange

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

It's always nice to hear from a workshop attendee that won a giant pumpkin seedling....

"Mr. Shim,

My name is Robert and I have a question about a pumpkin plant that I received from you back in June/July at the Farmers Market in Orange.

I did everything that you said about growing a giant pumpkin, and although it is still growing rather large, (Underlining and bold font added by S. Shim for emphasis) it is still white. When does the orange coloring finally come thru? Better yet, is this an albino Big Mac pumpkin that I luckily have because of genetics? I have attached a picture for you to see.

Thank you."

Thank you very much for your update, Robert! 

See you next month, October 27th, at Tanaka Farms for the weigh-off!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Grays Continue to Hang in There!

The Grays Continue to Hang in There!

Good evening, Pumpkinistas!

Here's the latest from the Grays:

"Hi, Stuart, We are still hanging in there with the heat in the mid to the high 90s. I hope your pumpkin has taken off by now. Happy holiday to everyone.  Stay cool and keep pumpkins cool too.  Also went to the fair and received two blue ribbons and a second place. Until next week, Mike and Susan"

I wish my pumpkin had taken off by now too! 

Chris Dunn in Lomita: In the Hunt!

Good evening, Pumpkinistas!

At least someone's having an impressive season! Please read on...

"Hey Stuart, things are coming to an end. With the coolest summer we've had in many years, I'm happy with the outcome! Here's my little Faith with " Big Momma " she still squeezing 5 to 6 pounds a day and I'm trying my hardest to keep that going for as long as I can. 49 more days to Pumpkinmania is a long time,,,,,,,, I have fans on both the stem and blossom end so I don't have the same problems I had last year.

Hope you at least have some carvers going Stuart!

See ya in a few weeks with one of the pumpkins:)"

Indeed, Chris! See you October 27th in Irvine!