Monday, November 02, 2015

The 2015 Pumpkinmania! Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest Results!

The weigh-off location was very easy to find!

Some of the entries of Tanaka Farms' scarecrow contest

Pumpkins started arriving before 8:00

Glenn Tanaka and Mark Imhoof unload an entry

Mae Powell tries to convince the media that this is her pumpkin

Michelle Shim, Chief Assistant, takes a break from the registration desk.

Joseph Schafer aka "Ichyel", Anaheim, CA, 19 pounds

Mae Powell, Pasadena, CA, 118.5 pounds

Laura Imhoof, Irvine, CA, 119 pounds

Mark Imhoof, Irvine, CA, 129.5 pounds

Carol Donahue, Mission Viejo,CA, 387 pounds

Kristi Brinkley, Fullerton, CA, 415 pounds

John Mahoney, Irvine, CA, 434.50 pounds
(Grower with Most Exposed Biceps Award)

Michael Moeller, Santee, CA, 459 pounds

Tom Rogers, Irvine, CA, 534 pounds

Mike Samuels, Yorba Linda, CA, 568 pounds

Pat Mahoney, Anaheim, CA, 596 pounds

Kevin Donahue, Mission Viejo, CA,708 pounds

Vince George, Santee, CA, 857.50 pounds

 Chris Dunn, Torrance, CA, 867 pounds

 Carol Donahue, Best Color, $25 Gift Certificate, Batavia Garden, Orange, CA

 Laura Imhoof, Funniest Shape, $25 Gift Certificate, Batavia Garden, Orange, CA

 Mark Imhoof, Ugliest Pumpkin, $25 Gift Certificate, Blue Hills Nursery, Whittier, CA

 Michael Moeller, Youngest Grower, Heated Seedling Mat, Hydrofarm

Mae Powell, 96, Most Experienced Grower, Heated Seedling Mat, Hydrofarm

 Kevin Donahue, Third Place, presented $300 by Ty Hall, Kellogg Garden Products

Vince George, Second Place, presented $500 by a very enthusiastic Ty Hall, Kellogg Garden Products

Chris Dunn, First Place, presented $1,000 by Ty Hall, Kellogg Garden Products

Chris Dunn, Lord of the Gourd, 2015
Pumpkinmania! Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off
& Contest Winner, 867 pounds!

On a cool and cloudy Sunday morning, at Tanaka Farms, Irvine, CA, Chris Dunn, of Torrance, CA, emerged victorious, in what might be the most highly contested competition in recent memory, with a 867 pound effort!

Many of the pumpkins appeared nearly identical in shape and size. This made weighing them from "smallest to largest" very challenging this year. It wasn't until the final entry was weighed, second place finisher, Vince George, with a 857.5 pounder, that competion officials were able to declare a clear winner. Still, less than 10 pounds separated first from second place, a new competition record! This season's unusually hot weather took its toll on perennial Pumpkinmania! contestants, including Mike and Susan Gray and growers who were in attendance. These growers included Jim Fredricks, 2014 Pumpkinmania! champion.

All contestants received 2016 calendars and pen-styluses courtesy of Beaver Plastics.

Local and regional media coverage was provided by Susan Hoffman of the Los Angeles Times/The Daily Pilot, Costa Mesa, CA (Please note there is a gallery with additional photos that are part of the article.) : 
National and international coverage was provided by Jeff Shu of the Voice of America, Washington DC. Here's a link to Jeff's feature video feature and photo gallery: photo gallery:

The host and organizer would like to thank and recognize the following organizations and individuals for their sponsorship, support, help, and participation:

Kellogg Garden Products, Ty Hall 
Tanaka Farms, Glenn and Ken Tanaka, management and staff 
Batavia Garden, Orange, CA
Blue Hills Nursery, Whittier, CA
Beaver Plastics, Paul O'Neill
University of California, Master Gardeners, Orange County
U-Haul International 
Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizers
GreenCure Organic Fungicide Products
Roadkyll Graphics, Phil Concan
Mark & Laura Imhoof
Kevin Donahue
Chris Dunn
Lauren Shim
Michelle Shim

Thank you very much!