Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Research from One of Our Sponsors!

Good evening, Growers!

Yes, as contemplated and now proven, GreenCure works on powdery mildew on giant pumpkins!

"Hi Stuart:

Here are some pictures that you might find interesting. I was purposely "growing" powdery mildew in my pumpkin patch.

But anyway my main goal of having powdery mildew to kill worked great. Attached is a shot of powdery mildew on a pumpkin leaf and an after use with GreenCure shot. I applied GreenCure twice, one week apart and then watered to wash off the killed spores."

Thank you verey much to the research department at GreenCure for their specific experiment involving giant pumpkins!

This is an informal, yet landmark study!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bill's Bounty From A Barrel

Good evening, Growers!

Remember Bill Deo Gracias' efforts to grow a pumpkin a container in Sorrento Valley? The top picture was taken August 20th, and the bottom picture was taken August 2nd. Who knows how big it it today?

"Hi Stuart,

The 2007 drum pumpkin was bigger than last year’s, even with only an average of 3 hours of direct sunlight. The project gets a lot of positive attention and comments.

I moved the drum to a location where it will get a least 2 more hours of sun….looking forward to getting some more seeds from you for next year. Good luck to all the big time contenders.

Bill DeoGracias
Sorrento Valley"

The doubters have been silenced, Bill!

Congratulations on a new personal best!

The Pumpkin Formerly Known as Big Green...

Good evening, Growers!

This update and image from Diane Mc Fadden:

"Stuart: This is my mom's Big Green in Oceanside. During the time of the heat, the vine just up and totally died and then I would guess within a week they said the stem was mushy and moldy...this is the stem end. They also rolled it over so this is the bottom side. Could the powdery mildew do this? any ideas? Too bad they were very excited about growing one finally! Diane McFadden"

Alas, another one bites the dust! Verily, it's been a tough season.

Hang in there!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Karl Schaeffer of Carlsbad: A Tragedy in San Diego

Hello, Pumpkinistas!

Karl Schaeffer, a veteran grower, and definite enthusiast, was kind enough to send along these photos of his shortened 2007 season. It appears the hot weather did in his great orange hope early on. I can relate...

The weather's been very toasty so keep an eye on your vine and your soil moist! We are closing on the end of the season, and it would be another tragedy to lose a contender with the last weeks closing in on a challenging 2007 season!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

The North vs. The South

Good late evening, Growers!

Here's the latest from Carol Lycette in Seattle:

"Hi Stuart,

Here is an update on my pumpkin up here in beautiful, sunny Seattle. It measured 87 inches tonight and has a beautiful shape and color. Not bad for a newbie.

Happy growing.


Indeed! It's been just over a month since Carol sent in her first update.

Well done!