Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bill DeoGracias in Sorrento Valley: Container Grown!

Good afternoon, Growers!
One of the questions that comes up often at workshops is can a giant pumpkin be grown in a container. The answer I give is yes, and here is an example of how it's done.
Here's an update from Bill DeoGracias in Sorrento Valley (San Diego County, just south of the 5/605 freeways.)
"Good morning Stuart,

We had a lot of fun at work with my “Pumpkin Project” last year so I planted another one this year. All work hours dedicated to this project are “humorously” allocated to research and development.

This year’s vine is much more vigorous than last year’s. I had some hungry critter problems early on. One or more unknown friends had a late night dinner on the first pumpkin and a few budding flowers. The second pumpkin seems to be doing okay so far, and I’m hoping to break last year’s record of 25 lbs. Wish me luck!

Best regards,

Sorrento Valley"

I think I can see a budding monster near the center of the picture...

Thank you very much, Bill! I'm looking forward to hearing how you've shattered last year's effort!