Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bill's Bounty From A Barrel

Good evening, Growers!

Remember Bill Deo Gracias' efforts to grow a pumpkin a container in Sorrento Valley? The top picture was taken August 20th, and the bottom picture was taken August 2nd. Who knows how big it it today?

"Hi Stuart,

The 2007 drum pumpkin was bigger than last year’s, even with only an average of 3 hours of direct sunlight. The project gets a lot of positive attention and comments.

I moved the drum to a location where it will get a least 2 more hours of sun….looking forward to getting some more seeds from you for next year. Good luck to all the big time contenders.

Bill DeoGracias
Sorrento Valley"

The doubters have been silenced, Bill!

Congratulations on a new personal best!