Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An afternoon at Rancho Mission Viejo!

Good evening, Growers!

From time to time, unique opportunities present themselves because of a convergence of circumstances and serendipity. One of these opportunities occurred last Friday afternoon and evening. I was invited to present a workshop at Rancho Mission Viejo for the headquarters management, staff, interested family and friends. As you can see by the images, most of the staff will be involved in this company-wide fun activity. There are six growing areas/patches/teams of 6-7 people. Water is being provided to each, 1,200 square foot patch, and the entire area has been fenced in. (Yes, that is a small beach created to provide a comfortable place to relax after an afternoon of vine tending. The gate was made by Sam and he's pictured with Russ Price and his daughter.)

Richard Broming, Senior Vice President, made the introductions, cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs, and Gloria, Richard's wife, coordinated the workshop, the barbecue afterwards, and even made a last-minute ice run for the thirsty workshop attendees. (Gloria made a pre-emptive strike by attending the workshop at Laguna Hills Nursery earlier this season...)

It was a very fun afternoon, and I am looking forward to seeing some monsters in the fall!
I'll be visiting Rancho Mission Viejo periodically, and I'll post pictures of their progress!