Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cindy McNatt Joins Pumpkinmania Judges Panel!

Good evening, Growers!

I am very happy to announce that Cindy McNatt, Garden Writer and Homebody Blogger at The Orange County Register, be joining this year's Pumpkinmania Judges Panel!

Here's a brief biography of Cindy:

Cindy McNatt has been gardening since she was 17 years old, starting with a row of corn and a hill of beans behind a little guesthouse she rented in Pasadena. She has been digging in the dirt ever since.Today she not only still plants beans, she writes about them in the Orange County Register Newspaper. She started as a freelance writer about 15 years ago with the Tustin News, then the Los Angeles Times, and then photo styled for Sunset Magazine. Cindy also published her own garden magazine for 5 years.Cindy loves all things green from the first cotyledon to full-scale design, bugs in between and included. Cindy says she has a short attention span, but for some reason, has never grown bored with gardening. There are too many levels to tackle them all.

Welcome aboard!