Sunday, November 02, 2008

Photo by Coleen Briggs

Photo by Coleen Briggs

Photo by Coleen Briggs

Scott Briggs on CBS 2 and KCAL Channel 9
and in The Acorn, Simi Valley!

Good evening, Pumpkinistas!

A few people have mentioned a recent television news story about Scott Briggs and peripherally, Pumpkinmania! Fortunately, I received this e-mail message from Bill Briggs, Scott Briggs' dad:

"Hi Stuart,

Did you get the three pictures of the three winners together at Pumpkinmania? I sent them on the 29th. Here is a link to an article a reporter wrote about "The Pumpkin Man", as she has named him, in the local Simi Valley newspaper, The Acorn. It is one of those neat little local newspapers that really does have local news.

Below is a link to a news story channels 2/9 did on Friday as a result of the article in the Acorn.

He has really had a busy week! Boy did a lot of people show up just to look at the pumpkins tonight in addition to the trick or treaters.

Thanks again for a fun Sunday!

Lets hear it for Pumpkins!

Bill Briggs"

Thank you very much, Bill! The article and television story are great!