Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ed in Carlsbad: Impressive Beginning!

Good evening, Growers!

This update just in from Ed in Carlsbad!

"Hi Stuart,

Hope you are doing well. This is from Ed in Carlsbad. Obtained this seed (parent was a 942 lb. Breznick 2007) from a Giant Pumpkin Grower (Steve in South Hero, Vermont) and it seems to like its' new home in Carlsbad. I soaked the seed when I received it and then put it in a 1 gallon pot with planting mix and covered with plastic wrap - essentially creating a "mini-greenhouse". Within a week, it sprouted and starting growing vigorously and about a week later the roots had grown to the bottom of the pot at which point I had to move it into a 5 gallon pot. It has been in the ground for under two weeks now and has grown considerably (even has a few flowers starting). Attached are a few pics which I just took today. It is interesting to note that my planting mound was "accidentally" created when I had to shovel dirt from runoff into a pile after one of our big winter rainstorms. I had not got around to spreading the dirt out on the lot when I decided that maybe "fate" had another goal for the mound. Can't say that the soil has been "amended" but the consistency is a good sandy loam and based on the initial growth of the plant, it looks like a "good fit". With some warmer weather and a little fertilizer, I am hoping that it will really take off and Mother Nature will produce the "big one".

Take care and I will keep you updated.


Thank you very much for your update! Looks like a very vigorous vine!