Wednesday, September 07, 2011

sow bugs, sow bugs, and more sow bugs.

Stuart, here are some photos from my patch a few weeks ago. My plant has taken a beating and looks much worse now then these photos. The battle rages against sow bugs and disease. These little sow bugs are furocious and give me nightmares! Here is the photo proof below!

The little guys feasting on my plant at night. Chow time! Lol They deform the base of the leaf stalks from so many bites until the leaf decides to give up all hope and......

Don't look, it's a horrible site!! Leaf being destroyed by sow bugs. I really hate these little guys.

Notice how the vine color of green and yellow is missing? Totally chewed off!!!! Sow bugs.

HHHmmmm, something orange is hiding in there... wonder what it is:)