Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Giant pumpkin mound and ground preparation

 Two holes, approx. 4' deep, have been excavated about 40-50 feet from each other.

The area is covered with asphalt gravel 
so getting to the soil takes some initial digging.

 Note the very sandy soil in the foreground.

2012 Giant Pumpkin Mound Preparation

At An Undisclosed Location in California-Well, the season has finally begun! I have obtained permission to grow some giant pumpkins in a very flat, very sunny, and open location somewhere in California for this year's attempt To Escape the Curse of 500. I am very excited. The soil is quite sandy so drainage should be excellent. I will complete the mound preparation over the next 4-7 days, and have begun germinating the giant pumpkin seeds that will become the seedlings that will be planted next week. Hopefully, planting a few weeks later than usual will result in some very vigorous vines due to the warm weather we've been having so far this season.

 Holes are filled in, ready for irrigation!

 The existing sandy soil was amended with worm castings, 
steer manure, and commercially available soil amendments.

Stay tuned for further developments and good luck to all!