Monday, May 19, 2014

Sheridan Gardens, Burbank, CA

 Arlene Lewis, manager at Sheridan Gardens prepares the door prizes!

Sheridan Gardens' Pumpkin Patch, corner of Clark and North Hollywood Way
(Before workshop)

 Sheridan Gardens' Pumpkin Patch (After seedling transplanting ceremony!)

 West Floral Park Neighborhood's Annual Garden Day Event
May 17, 2014

 Bruce Bauer, Giant Pumpkin Seedling Provider, first row, far left.

Blue Hills Home & Garden Center, Whittier, CA

 Blue Hills is growing their pumpkin this season in a large container.

 Giant Pumpkin Chief Assistant & Princess on the right.

The Final Week-end of the 2014 World Tour!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

The final week-end of the 2014 World Tour is complete! 

Saturday morning, the tour moved to Burbank and Sheridan Gardens. This workshop's highlight was transplanting a giant pumpkin seedling at Sheridan' pumpkin patch at the corner of Clark and North Hollywood Way. It's easily visible from the street plus it gets plenty of sunshine. It will be interesting to see if they can beat the 300+ pounder that they grew there last season.

Saturday afternoon, the tour moved to the West Floral Park Neighborhood's Annual Garden Day Event, in Santa Ana, CA. This was a lower-key neighborhood event featuring classic cars, home garden tours, and people getting out and having fun. Bruce Bauer, pictured in the front row, farthest left, in the photo above, germinated some giant pumpkin seedlings that were distributed to all of the rapt attendees. I anticipate 5-10 additional Pumpkinmania entries as a result of Bruce's efforts.

Sunday morning, aided by Michelle, the tour's 2014 final stop was Blue Hills Nursery in Whittier. (Because of the unexpected number of attendees, Michelle and I almost didn't have enough seeds!) We were joined by John Sach, Pumpkinmania! Champion, who informed the crowd about keeping the soil moist under the leaf junctures to encourage rooting, as an alternative to vine burial.

Blue Hills is growing their pumpkin this year in a very large container. I can't wait to see their final results, and hope that they grow a monster!

Thank you very much to all workshop attendees and hosts!