Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ashley & Anthony's 2014 Season

Ashley & Anthony's 2014 Season!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

In the pre and post Orange County Fair onion competition, I completely failed in getting this post and pictures up! Ashley and Anthony are growers in Dana Point that not only attended the workshop at Tanaka Farms, but also sought out extra seeds and seedlings to help out some children.

As you can see, Ashley is a photographer in addition to bein an avid gardener.

Here's their update from July 11th:

"Hi Stuart! I hope you and your family (and plants) are doing well! I got around to sending some pics today, the pumpkin seems to be doing well, it is about 22 inches across and 14 inches high currently. I can't lift it anymore as we were making small location adjustments. Growing at a consistent rate, I hope we keep going at this rate!! I have current pics and a few from earlier as well!
Ashley and Anthony"

Nice job!