Wednesday, September 03, 2014

To stand on The Podium!

To stand on The Podium:
Entry delivery at The OC Fair

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

In the spirit of friendly competition, I dropped off a couple of entries at the 2014 Orange County Fair's Vegetable Competition, Adult Division. My entries were in the onion category. Since this is the first time I've entered in this category, I am hoping to stand on the podium!

As you can see, in addtition to free admission to the fair, the organizers gave carrot seeds and a participant's ribbon for all those in competition.

The entries will be judged this afternoon, and results will be available starting tomorrow, the opening day of this year's fair.

Good luck to all competitors, and let the best vegetable win!

July 16, 2014 Update:

Good afternoon!

I am pleased to announce that the judges of the "Specimen Onion" competition awarded me a 3rd place! So, indeed, I will be standing on the podium this year.

I would like to thank all those indviduals and resources that contributed to this achievement:

Lauren Shim. my bride and muse, for supporting my vegetable gardening activity

Michelle Shim, my youngest/oldest daughter for her patience and encouragement

Westminster Water Department, for their excellent quality and reliable service

August 11, 2014 Update:

I've since learned that there was/is a new Garden and Floral competition each week of the Fair. This fact was revealed to me when Michelle and I visited the fair to see the onions on display the second week-end of the fair. The onions were gone, disposed of just a few days earlier. 

After recovering from the shock, I regrouped in time to enter the brutally cut-throat specimen onion competition for a second time, the last week's competition. This round, I came in second place. So, I was able stand on The Podium again! 

Photo by Adam Johnson

September 3, 2014, Epilogue:

Wanting to contribute to Michelle's college fund, use some of the extra onions, and use the entire experience as a teachable moment, I convinced Michelle to open up a small onion selling operation at her aunt's Labor Day barbecue. Sales were excellent. After paying sales commissions, Michelle netted $8.00!