Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blue Hills Nursery 2015 Workshop

Giant pumpkin vines can grow in containers

The vine is beginning to fruit!

Blue Hill's' prior giant pumpkin cultivation!

Blue Hills Nursery's 2015 Workshop

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

Last Sunday's workshop at Blue Hills Nursery was a little different than most. Jen Van Diest, manager, is growing a giant pumpkin in a large plastic tub (40 gallons+), so I was able to use her vine to show the attendees various parts of the plant! The attendees were even treated to an empirical example of the effects that giant pumpkin cultivation can have on relationships and obsession.

Also, Jen has graciously accepted my invitation to present one of the prizes at this fall's weigh-off and may even have an entry!

 Jen's vine has three fruit on it, so stop my when you're in Whittier to check on its progress and to get some local growing tips and supplies!