Monday, November 06, 2006

A Word from One of Our Sponsors
Good afternoon, Growers!
Just when you thought all of the fun was over, I received this message and photos from Ann Molloy at Neptune's Harvest.

"I've been growing giant pumpkins for the last ten years and have always used Neptune's Harvest products with great results. This year, I tried growing long gourds for the first time and thought that what is great for growing pumpkins would be great for growing long gourds too. I sprayed the leaves with seaweed and drenched the soil with fish and seaweed on a weekly basis. The leaves always had a nice green, healthy shine the day after a feeding. As you can see, the plants grew vigorous and the long gourds were growing 5 - 6" a day! My longest long gourd grew to 126.5" - a new WORLD RECORD!! I strongly recommend you use these all natural products in your fertilizing program! Joe Jutras, Scituate, RI"
I have had the pleasure of growing some giant pumpkin seeds from Joe, and I can attest that he knows what he's doing...