Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's Luau!

Images of The 2008 Patch Tour & Full Moon Party & Luau
Good morning, Growers!
Forty or so dedicated and moonstruck giant pumpkin growers, friends, relatives and neighbors from Canada to San Juan Capistrano participated in The 2008 Patch Tour & Full Moon Party & Luau yesterday.
From top to bottom, Jen Van Diest's patch was an impressive display of some very large, still growing pale pumpkins. Then it was time to head north!
To the strains of The Sons of Makaha and Martin Denny, tour particpants gathered at Michelle Lofthouse's Autumn Leaf Farm in Monrovia to enjoy delicious potluck contributions that ranged from Hawaiian tacos, to sushi, to barbecued teriyaki, the maiden dish on Michelle's never-used barbecue. Natalie aka 'Noodles', Michelle's Clydesdale, provided much of the evening's entertainment, greeting all party-goers with a friendly sniff and many photo oppurtunities. After the sun went down, and the tiki torches were and lanterns lit, the giant pumpkin faithful were treated to a spectacular full moon viewing.
Michelle's pumpkins were awe-inspiring to all, and now all attendees know what it means to bury your vines.
A huge mahalo nui loa to all that made last night's event a huge and fun success!