Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jim Fredricks, San Diego, CA 779 Pounder!
Hello, Pumpkinistas!
Here's Jim Fredricks' 779 pound pumpkin during its weighing and eventual seed harvesting....! Nice size, shape and color, plus it may well be the biggest pumpkin grown in San Diego County in 2009!

Here are a few shots of my pumpkin. The final measurement put the weight at 750 lbs. She weighed a little heavy at 779 lbs on a certified scale. I was hoping she would maybe go 800, but still a nice fruit. As far as I know, it is the largest pumpkin grown in San Diego County. I would have loved to brought it up for your weigh off, but October 25th is just to far away. The fruit has already been cut open and seeds have been retrieved. Very few seeds unfortunately. Still enough to have a few, but not the normal 400 you usually get. I'll send a couple more pictures, feel free to use any you want.

Bravo and congratulations!