Friday, April 16, 2010

A Field of Dreams

Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!

I have an update from Jim Fredricks in San Diego that I received earlier this month. Jim and his friend Vince are ready, and have thrown down the gauntlet to the Orange County and Los Angeles County growers!

"Hi Stuart,

Just wanted to give you a few prep pictures of the 2010 season! Me and my friend Vince are ready to go, will start in a couple weeks. Our hope is to come up this year for the weigh-off granted we have pumpkins to bring! LOL. OK, let the rumors begin! We wanted to send a fun message to everyone up north in LA, San Diego growers are coming up to bring some competition for you! We have a a couple new secret weapons we will be trying this year! Two, actually. I will keep the secret for now, but there are small whispers in the pumpkin community around the globe about a new product that helps pack on the pounds for us pumpkin growers. Yes, we will be trying this out and see what kind of freakish monsters we can grow. I will reveal the secret at the end of the season and we will see if it has good results. Let the 2010 season begin:)

Pictures show cover crop of rye, peas, vetch and clover in the patch. Tilled in just recently.


They look serious!