Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Workshop at Tustin Memorial Academy:

A Fresh Crop of Giant Pumpkin Growers

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

Giant pumpkin growing was introduced to eager and curious 130 3rd and 4th grade students and some of their parents and teachers yesterday afternoon at Tustin Memorial Academy. In a slightly abbreviated session, the attentive new giant pumpkin growers posed several excellent questions and then graciously received their giant pumpkin seeds. They were directed to share any spare seedlings they germinate with friends, relatives, and neighbors and would be rewarded by achieving Menehune status because of their generosity and good deeds.

The students plan to raise pumpkins in their school garden pictured above, to provide funding for a gift from the graduating 5th grade class to the school, in the fall. As the fall approaches and their pumpkin fund-raiser gets closer, please check the school's website at:

Best of luck this season to the latest crop of giant pumpkin growers!