Saturday, May 08, 2010

It takes a village, a forklift, and sometimes even more.

Good evening!

Great progress is being made at the Great Park in Irvine! As mentioned previously, I'll be growing a couple of giant pumpkin vines in the Farm & Ag Lab this season, as part of my activities as a University of California Cooperative Extension Certified Master Gardener. (This is not, I repeat not, a community garden. Do not attempt this in your home garden until you've attended a giant pumpkin workshop, or, at a minimum, have the read the instructions on growing giant pumpkins on this website.)

Yesterday afternoon, I received a pallet of soil amendments and organic fertilizer delivered courtesy of Kellogg Garden Products for two giant pumpkin vine growing sites. Because of the weight of the pallet, the forklift got stuck. Fortunately, very helpful Great Park personnel were instrumental in freeing the forklift and saved the day!

Next steps? Excavation, soil amendment incorporation, and mound creation! Stay tuned for future developments.