Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something Literary from Todd Slinde

Good evening, Growers!

This very timely poetic contribution from Todd Slinde comes when many growers have recently, or soon will, prepare their giant pumpkin patches and growing areas. It was inspired by Todd's experiences digging his hole last season and this past week. Thank you very much, Todd!


You may have education that comes out your ears

You may be a brave one with never any fears

You may have a job that provides lots of money

You may have many friends that think you are funny

You may be a politician because you want to rule

You may be a judge, meant to lock up every fool

You may have a sports car that you absolutely love

You may have a private plane that takes you above

You may have that gigantic mansion high up on a hill

You may be a daredevil and enjoy every thrill
Or… you may be a gardener and it is plants that you grow

You may have knowledge that you think that you know

You may be able to hybridize and develop something new

You may be good at propagating; it’s something that you do

You may know how to grow that picture perfect rose

Your flowers, more brilliant, of that I do suppose

You may grow an abundance of veggies and fine herbs

You think you have the greenest thumb and feel quite superb

So… your plants may grow bigger, with even more vigor

But at least I’ve earned a Ph.D.….. Yes, I’m a Pumpkin hole Digger!

Written By: Todd A. Slinde Ph. D.