Friday, May 06, 2011

Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!

I have an update from Dr. Joe Sabol about next week-end's workshop preparations at Farm Supply in San Luis Obispo...If you're in need or would like an expertly germinated seedling, you may want to RSVP for the workshop at (805) 543-3751.

"Thanks a million to all four of you (Cara's Mom too) for a very productive planting party this morning!!!

This morning in just over one hour... we planted 12 flats of "germinated seed" which should give us near 100% sprouting record!!!

Twelve flats times 36 plants...OVER 430 giant pumpkin plants will be ready for May 14th to give away and to welcome Stuart Shim back to SLO!!!!

What fun!!!! See two photos!!!


P.S. Thanks Cara and Mom for the delicious pastries, thanks FSC for the soil and quality seeds and flats and 4 inch containers, thanks Paul Rys for some great big seeds, thanks Jill for the coffee...and for judging the sweet pea contest!! Thanks Steve K. for promoting this super fun giant pumpkin contest."