Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Secret mission part II

Me and my wife and son went up to a local growers patch. Tom is his name and he grew about 8 pumpkins in his patch. He is a great guy and fun to talk to. Below are some pictures of his patch.

Tom on the left, myself on the right. Serious pumpkin talk going on here! :) Trading growing secrets maybe? Or just having fun and talking pumpkins.

What a beauty of a pumpkin this one is!!!

What is this in Tom's patch? It can't be, a squash!!!! This pumpkin plant was grown from my own pumpkin seed from last year, the 861 Fredricks. It was a pumpkin seed!!! lol, Oh well, always fun to have a surprise.

On the way home, did a quick stop at another patch, some serious competition here! If you look real close in the photo, you can see quite a large pumpkin in the patch that is covered up by some kind of tarp laying over it. I snuck a secret shot of this growers patch from the road and then took off!!!! :) Could this also be a secret colossal fruit and county record too??? The mystery deepens!

Post by Jim Fredricks