Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Report From Germany!

Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas! 

Or, perhaps even better, Guten Nachmittag, Pumpkinistas!

I received an update from Janni, a veteran Pumpkinista and vegetable grower in Germany and she included these great images of her season and the following report:

"Hi Stuart

I'm still alive. Even if I had a bad season.
Storm and hail too. I lost many good plants.
Here are some pictures from my Pumpkin year.
I hope they all enjoy it.

My best weighed 334.7 Höllein 11 UOW(631 Jaser 07 x 641 Jaser 09)
And one was really orange beauty.
A cross, made ​​from the best two orange Pumpkins is Germany.

 Best regards from Germany, to all Pumpkinistas.

GermanPumpkinWorld (Janni)"

I visited Janni's website and I saw that she's also growing chilis!

Vielen danke, Janni!