Friday, August 09, 2013

"Hi, Stuart, A lot happening in the Gray household. First, we had to pull the green polka dot plant. All it did was abort every time we pollinated. Then, if that wasn't enough my computer died. So that's why my update is so late. Now as you can see in the pictures, the only plant left is doing real well.  The cooler weather is really helping. Fingers crossed.   Hope everyone is doing well and growing the big one.  Until next week,  Mike and Susan"

"Hi, Stuart, Well, this week we had to add the covers to insulate from the heat, to keep the skin soft and flexible. The plant is still looking good, and the pumpkin is growing well. We hope everyone is doing well also. Mike and Susan"

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

After an unexpected set-back, the Grays have rallied their growing efforts and are back in competition!