Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Speaking of Big...

Good evening, Pumpkinistas!

As many of you have heard at my workshops, soil and mound preparation is critical to successful giant pumpkin cultivation. Usually, right after I extensively explain why it's necessary to dig a deep hole and prepare a mound to transplant one's giant pumpkin seedling into, invariably a hand shoots up and the question, normally in a high-pitched, whiny voice comes: "Do I have to dig a deep hole?", as if the questioner is special, and if I say they don't have to dig a deep hole, that they'll still have a chance at growing a big pumpkin?

Well, the pictures you see above are not for Those People.

These pictures chronicle the hole digging efforts of Mr. Lawrence Stice, mentioned yesterday as the grower/human parent of the seedlings for Kellogg Garden Products. Yes, Larry's missile silo, I mean hole, is roughly 6 feet deep, and 5 feet in diameter. This is the kind of hole I can only dream of. It helps to have relatives with access to heavy equipment.

In fact, I believe that it is the largest hole ever dug in Southern California for the express purpose of raising a giant pumpkin! If anyone has proof of a bigger hole, please send it in. I will be happy to post the evidence to this blog.

Stay tuned for a list of the ingredients and soil amendments that went into Larry's mound!

Have a great evening!