Friday, August 24, 2007

Janett in Oceanside and Dozer!

Good evening, Growers!

I received these images and following update from veteran grower Diane McFadden:


This is my mom's pumpkin, in Oceanside. She was one of the group I brought down to Solana Beach. Big Green seems to keep on growing! I am glad as I have had a failure this year. I have a great vine, but no pumpkin. I have a number of little pumpkins starting and falling off. At this rate I am giving mine another week to prove itself and if not, out she goes and await next years growing season! So I am delighted my mom finally has one! One more note. My Dad has attempted to grow one in this same location the last couple of years and the animals always seem to have eaten his! So I guess Mom really does have the green thumb! Not sure how they will get it up the embankment it is on, but will work on that one when it finishes growing! The dog, Dozer, is about 18 pounds!

I particularly like the fact Dozer can do some pumpkin-related tricks!

Have a great week-end!