Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Penas' Plethora of Pumpkins in Pasadena!
Good evening, Growers!
I have an update and some pictures from Joel and Maddie Pena, attendees from The Huntington Library workshop:
"Hi Stuart!

My daughter and I attended your class at the Huntington last May. We really
enjoyed it and now have many pumpkins in progress that came from seedlings we
brought back that day. I am sending you pictures of our pumpkins and wonder
what you think we should do to ensure they grow to as large a size as possible?
Should we cut some of them off now or leave all of them to grow?
We are looking forward to your response,
Joel Pena

Maddie Pena"
Dear Joel and Maddie,
First, thank you very much for your pictures and you questions!
At this point, I would suggest continuing with fertilizing every 7-10 days and keeping the soil moist. Judging by your pictures, things have been going well for you so far this season!
As far as cutting off some of your pumpkins, I suggest waiting until you 1 or 2 fruit that are basketball size or larger before culling smaller or immature fruit. The reason for this is you want to make sure that you've had fully pollinated pumpkins. That is, sometimes, fruit aren't fully pollinated and rot or self-abort well before they get to basketball size. Or, they almost get to the volleyball-basketball size, and then die off.
So wait, and then save the biggest 1 or 2 pumpkins, and then start cutting off the smaller pumpkins.
Thank you very much again for your photos and questions!
Good luck!