Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cindee's Pumpkin!

Hi Stuart,

Last year I attended one of your pumpkin workshops in Lake Forest, but wasn't successful, so this year I attended two workshops (Lake Forest and Orange) hoping for more knowledge and more success. Well, my vine is doing very well and I actually had a female flower with a marble attached to it. It's about the size of a small onion right now. Does this mean it will turn into a pumpkin or does it need to continue pollinating? The flower has dried up. I've attached a photo taken a week ago. I greatly appreciate your advice. Thanks and best regards, Cindee

Hi Cindee!

Thank you very much for your update and picture! You're on the way. The female flower looks like it was pollinated. The key issue now is if your female flower was fully (pollen all the way around the interior of the female flower) pollinated. You'll be able to tell if it was fully pollinated, if it continues to grow bigger than a volleyball-basketball. If it does, it should grow to maturity, whatever size that may eventually be!
It looks very healthy to me. The flower is supposed to dry up, and will become the bottom of your pumpkin.

I hope that this is your season!