Monday, July 14, 2008

Meanwhile back at the rancho...
Good evening, Growers!
I received this update and these images from Russ Price, part of the group project at Rancho Mission Viejo, in San Juan Capistrano:
"Hi Stuart,
We really appreciate you speaking to the pumpkin team members. Do you remember patch #6 with fried plants and lots of questions? Well things are looking up for us. The 1,200 sq. ft. patch was amended with 20 yds. of composted horse manure, 40 yds. of coarse sand, 500 lbs. of gypsum, 10 lbs. of Ironite, and other fertilizers. These were mixed in the upper 18" of the soil. Photos are of plant #3 (1362 G. Poirier) that was started April 20th and planted in the patch on April 28th. This pumpkin is the first on the main at 12' and pollinated on June 16th. The next 2 females aborted so we are stuck with this one. Using the Circumference Method for estimating weight this pumpkin weighs 163 lb. today. This pumpkin is 7' around and put on 20 pounds today. Plants #1 and #2 both have pumpkins the size of volleyballs on the mains. Our team is happy to be growing pumpkins and not leaves anymore! We will keep you posted.
We will be at the Patch Tour and Full Moon Party & Luau, August 16th.
Team Cabalaro Vaqueros"