Friday, July 25, 2008

Encore update from Randy in Cupertino!

Good evening, Growers!
The strange mutations continue for Randy in Cupertino. Here's Randy's latest communique' from the patch of the strange:
"Hi Stuart,

This is just a weird plant. As you know, normally each node has a leaf, a flower, a tendril, a new shoot and frequently a root. The first female flower opened two days ago. I just noticed that in addition to these, there is an extra flower bud--male, and an extra leaf. The extra leaf is small, and emerges from the pumpkin stalk--right where it meets the pumpkin. It's about 6 inches tall and the leaf maybe 4 inches across. It looks like a little umbrella to shade the young fruit. Perhaps this is "normal" for all I know. It will be interesting to see how the pumpkin develops--if it does. Perhaps we're sitting on a Superfund site here! My 44 inch pumpkin of yesterday evening grew 3 1/2 inches overnight! 60 inches at 20 days is now a realistic goal. It's 47 1/2 inches now, with 3 1/2 days and 12 1/2 inches to go. It's in my mom's yard--she's going to kill me! She's out of the country for two and a half weeks (a week and a half to go) so she's in for a shock. But hey, she was at your seminar so she should have known what she was getting into...
Thank you very much, Randy! I look forward to your further discoveries. (I have taken the liberty of contacting the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, just in case.)