Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eric Vossbrink's Giant Sunflower
Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!
This in from Eric Vossbrink in San Diego! Since, it's nice to grow other things besides pumpkins too. Plus, Eric's giving away seeds!

Although my pumpkin was small by many standards, here is a pretty good sunflower from the garden.

Width: It’s 16″ across. 18: with the fold
Weight 9.4 lbs.
Height of plant: 10′4″
Circumference of the stem at root ball 8.75″

This plant was a monster to get out of the ground. I had to cut it down rather than knock it over and pull it out by the roots.
We took out 14 plants today many heads at 12” or more.

Anyone wanting seeds from this one can contact me at this page:


Leave a comment and I’ll contact anyone interested."