Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tustin Memorial Academy: Great so far!

Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!

Here's the lastest from the most recent crop of growers at Tustin Memorial Academy:

"Hi Stuart,

So far, so good...I think. The leaves on these pumpkins are huge. They remind me of an elephant's ear. Anyway, I've attached some photos, so you can see the progress. Do you think we are on target for some really big pumpkins?

We planted 2 giants in each mound, thinking one would die or get eaten by the bunnies, but they all survived. Should I take one out? or leave it?
 I haven't noticed any mildew or mold on the leaves yet. I'm pretty sure we had it last year. I know you mentioned something to use for that, but I can't remember what it is.

Hope all is well.


The answers:
Yes, you are on target for some giant pumpkins, your vines look great!
Yes, cull down to one vine per mound. You'll get better results.
Thanks for remembering me mentioning something to use for powdery mildew. It's called GreenCure, and it's available locally at Orange County Farm Supply, 1826 West Chapman Avenue in Orange, 92868, or on this website, at the bottom of the page.