Wednesday, July 21, 2010

where did the heat go?

Well, the Fredricks farm is coming along now. My plant and vince's plant are just a few feet away from meeting now. Two pumpkin huts are now up! Our plants were loving the high heat the past week and pumpkin growth exploded with big gains for small fruits. Now the temperature is way below normal and growth has slowed down, but still steady. A really weird summer so far for the weather. Forecast calls for more below temps! We need summer to return! It truly is a joy to grow these plants and watch them grow over time. I'm amazed at God's creation and how it grows!
Day 16 for my fruit on the 1424 werner. A baseball on the left for size comparison.

Vince's pumpkin s growing well. Day 26 for his fruit. A baseball is on the right for size comparison