Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chris Dunn in Lomita: In the Hunt!

Good evening, Pumpkinistas!

At least someone's having an impressive season! Please read on...

"Hey Stuart, things are coming to an end. With the coolest summer we've had in many years, I'm happy with the outcome! Here's my little Faith with " Big Momma " she still squeezing 5 to 6 pounds a day and I'm trying my hardest to keep that going for as long as I can. 49 more days to Pumpkinmania is a long time,,,,,,,, I have fans on both the stem and blossom end so I don't have the same problems I had last year.

Hope you at least have some carvers going Stuart!

See ya in a few weeks with one of the pumpkins:)"

Indeed, Chris! See you October 27th in Irvine!