Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Big Changes in Huntington Beach

Good afternoon, Growers!

Regular readers of this blog will notice quite a change in my patch in Huntington Beach.

I have:

  • Trimmed roughly 25% of the vine in order to be able to move around it.
  • Cut the tips off of the major vines, and then buried these tips under 2-3 shovelfuls of dirt.
  • Installed a drip irrigation system to water the buried vine tips in order to encourage rooting of these tips.
  • Put the biggest pumpkin on an improvised platform of wood 2 x 4s, and have begun to shade it with a very simple 4 pole, binder clips, and shade cloth canopy.
This is the first season that I've tried the vine tip burying, rooting, and drip irrigation method. So, I hope that this encourages additional secondary root systems that will provide more resources to the pumpkin(s).

I'll keep you updated!

Take care,