Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stem and Crack Repair Tip!

As mentioned before, I have a crack in my primary vine, just past where the pumpkin has set. One way to help repair the area is to create a paste of sulfur and water, and apply it to the affected area(s). The sulfur will help dry out the area, and also serve as a disinfectant. So, if you have a crack developing on your pumpkin, or a particularly wet area that may become susceptible to rot, mix up a thick paste of sulfur and water, and apply it generously to the problem area. The earlier you can apply the sulfur paste the better.

The photos were taken Sunday, July 23rd, in the early afternoon. The dimensions were:

Side-to-side: 62"

Stem-to-blossom: 61"

Circumference at widest point: 83"

Total: 206"=194 pounds estimated weight.

I hope the sulfur works!

Take care,