Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Michelle in Monrovia: Secret Weapons...

Good morning, Growers!

Michelle Lofthouse, Pumpkinmania 2004 (723 pounds, 'Howard Huge') and 2005 (658 pounds, 'Blondie') First Prize winner, was kind enough to send in some pictures of her pumpkin (roughly 184 pounds from July 22nd) and how she's keeping her vine cool in this heat. That's right, overhead misting, about 4 hours per day.

I don't think I've seen such a dark green and healthy-looking vine. It looks like it disappears over the distant horizon.

I've often wondered what Michelle uses for fertilizer. I never realized that her primary source of soil amendments comes from her horse, Noodles. As Michelle says: "I thought that it would be fun to send you a picture of my biggest pumpkin patch contributor....both figuratively and literally!!"

(If, I could only convince the Huntington Beach city zoning officials for an exception...)

Have a great afternoon, and try to keep cool!