Thursday, July 13, 2006

With Linda Hales in Huntington Beach

Good morning, Growers!

Linda Hales, friend and fellow UC Master Gardener, is having a great season. Linda told me that's a 3-liter bottle next to her pumpkin...

'Hi Stuart,

Gene got the pictures out of the camera.

Plants to the right of the red car are volunteers: baby boos and a few white baby boos.

The plant left of the red car is the BIG pumpkin. I think it could be 45-50 lbs., what do you think?!


'Dear Linda,

Thank you very much for your images and update! The pictures are very crisp. I like the colors. (I also like the fact that based upon the pictures, that the pumpkin may not be necessarily growing on the vines. I like it. The mental and psychological jousting begins...)

I'm also making you the lead in tomorrow's post.

Welcome to the big time,


And then, the news:

'Ok, I taped the pumpkin using the estimated weight table provided by your blog....
That's as of this morning, July 12th...Hopefully, it will keep growing, and stay alive until Oct.....

Here ya go...


Circumference: 56"

Over the Top: 37.5"

Side to Side: 39"

Estimated weight: 57.24 pounds'