Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ed in Carlsbad: Report from the Beach
Good afternoon, Growers!
I just received these great images of Ed's efforts in Carlsbad!

"Stuart, As promised, here are a few pics that I took of my pumpkin patch today. I notice that the powdery mildew is coming on strong - I am only about a mile from the ocean - and so I wonder if further growth of the pumpkins will be limited. I've worked hard to get them up to this size and it is somewhat frustrating, that with probably 1 to 1 1/2 months of growing left, the mildew could ruin my plans. I will keep persevering and will keep you advised of my results. Thanks for your advice and interest - it is appreciated. Let me know what you think...
Ed in Carlsbad, California"
What do I think? I think that you're going to have pumpkins while I'm going to have seeds from the pumpkin that I grew this year... Well done!
You're doing great, Ed!