Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ron Sallinger's Mystery Pumpkin

Good morning, Growers!

Ron Sallinger, of Pumpkinmania 2005, 'Chuck', 413-pound fame sent me these images of his shading system in Orange, with the following, cryptic message:

Here are some pictures of the sunshade I have constructed for "Dudley". I have a couple of other ones on the vine but do not know how if they will stay or die off. The shade is a fabric I bought from home depot for around $30. I pounded a number of grommets in the fabric and then strung some clothesline through. It is attached to a brick wall on one side and two steel posts on the other. It keeps the moisture and sun off it and will last for a number of years. The other picture is the patch itself. I have two plants in an area about 50 x 50. One plant is for competition the other is used for family and friends.


Ron Sallinger
Orange, Ca.

Thank you very much, Ron!