Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Linda's Magic Pumpkin Patch!

Good morning, Growers!

Isn't this a great photo sequence? Thank you very much to Linda for her pictures of Catherine The Great and her Magic Pumpkin Patch!

"Hi Stuart!

Thank you for your advice. We've removed the most affected leaves and are
hoping to have a lot of new growth. She only grew .25 inch yesterday - a real
drop. The infestation spread so quickly, most of the leaves have at least some
of the nasty critters in them. She's still a good looking pumpkin and we've enjoyed the experience. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. Here are the pictures you asked for. Being the proud "parents" we are, there are many more.


(Linda had a small issue with some squash vine borers which was remedied by removing the affected leaves and vines, and now Catherine The Great has resumed her imperial reign.)

Thank you very much again, Linda, and we'll post all of the photos you want to share!