Monday, October 02, 2006

Jim in El Cajon: 754 Pounds!
Good morning, Pumpkinistas!
Since the guess the weight of the pumpkin contest is over, the truth can now be told: 754 pounds!
Sure, I'll save some seeds as long as I have enough. Gonna carve the fruit tonight, so we'll see what she has inside. Here are some more pic's of the weighing. About the 22nd, it would be fun to come up, but if I did I would just come up to see the weigh off, my fruit won't be around by then. All of these pic's were 6 weeks ago, the fruit has been on display for the public in El Cajon. Yes, there is a pumpkin in the middle of all the people moving it! lol
Take care, Jim
Hi Jim!

754 Pounds!? Excellent. Congratulations! I'll post the final weight on the blog. I used your previous picture(s) in the earlier posting. Any images from Saturday that you'd like me to use?

Wow! Sorry to hear that you're going to skip next year. Are you planning on coming up for the weigh-off on the 22nd? Also, would you mind, saving a dozen or seeds for me? I'll germinate them and use them as prizes next spring at the giant pumpkin workshops. The fact that they would be from a local grower would be very appealing.

Have a great week!


Our contest is over now, you are welcome to post the weight of my fruit if you want. The final weight was 754 lbs. She will be carved this coming week and the seeds retrieved. The fruit went 18% heavy over the chart, so I defintely plan on crossing with it in the future. I lost my patch though lol, my friend is moving and I used his property, so looks like I will take the next year off, which is good anyway since I am getting married:)
Take care, Jim"