Monday, October 23, 2006

A Letter from The Governor

I received the following letter in last Friday's mail. It's dated October 22, 2006, and I wanted to let you know what it said:

The Pumpkinmania Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Contest

" I am thrilled to send my greetings to all those participating in this year's pumpkin weigh-off.

This contest is a great way to welcome the autumn season and to spotlight how California's natural resources can produce hefty results. By involving the community in our amazing agriculture, the city of Santa Ana demonstrates that green thumbs can belong to people of all ages and backgrounds.

After six months, these growers have the chance to show off their gigantic bounty by vying for the top prize, and I 'm sorely disappointed I couldn't be there to assist the lifting crews. No matter what the size, you should all be proud of your pumpkins and of your community for celebrating one of my favorite times of the year: harvest season.

Please accept my best wishes for a great contest and I would love to hear how big the pie is going to be from the winning pumpkin!


Arnold Schwarzenegger

State Capitol

Sacramento, California 95814"

It was very gracious of the Governor to remember us!

More on the final results of yesterday's event later today!