Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saving Your Seeds

Good morning, Growers!
Now that the weigh-off is finished, and you may be using your pumpkin soon, you're probably wondering the best way to save your pumpkin seeds.
Here's how:
1) Scrape the seeds from inside your pumpkin and rinse them in water to remove any residual fruit matter, and drain them thoroughly.
2) Spread seeds in a single layer, on a non-sticking surface like a glass or ceramic plate, cookie sheet, wood board, or window screen, and let them dry in a cool or shaded, dry environment (65-80 degrees, F.). Above 95 degrees F., drying seeds can become stressed.
3) Place seeds in a paper envelope or paper bag, and store them in a cool, dry environment, away from rodents or small animals.
4) Pumpkin seeds can remain viable for 6 or more years when properly stored.
5) Please share your seeds with your family, friends, and neighbors. Let them know that they should be planted in large mounds of well-amended, fertile soil, mid-May to early June and watered regularly for best results in Southern California.
Have a great morning!